Anderson Cooper, CNN --
"Riveting and illuminating. KNOCKING takes us inside the world of Jehovah's Witnesses in a way that is utterly surprising and moving.

Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union --
"A compelling documentary. KNOCKING affirms the principle that in a free society, the protection of religious liberty and the advancement of personal freedoms need not be competing values."

Jon Meacham, Editor, Newsweek --
"A thoughtful telling of an important, often-overlooked story about essential American issues."

Arthur Caplan, Chair, Department of Medical Ethics, University of Pennsylvania --
"KNOCKING contains a wonderful surprise: It shows how science and religion, with worldviews that rarely overlap, can reach a common goal - the use of less blood in medicine - even if for very different reasons."

Stewart M. Hoover, Director, Center for Media, Religion and Culture, University of Colorado --
"An absorbing account of a misunderstood religious movement and its relationship to contemporary culture. KNOCKING raises important questions about how we know and how we consider the religious 'other,' and through its own presentation, causes us to re-think the way media represent them."

Rabbi Michael Berenbaum, former director, United States Holocaust Research Institute --
"KNOCKING masterfully portrays the principled, non-violent dissent of Jehovah's Witnesses and the contribution that they have made -- directly and indirectly -- to the character of American national life. It is a study in religious integrity. Moving, powerful, poignant."

Stephen Dunning, Chair, Dept. of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania --
"Very moving. Not at all a lecture packaged in celluloid. KNOICKING is deep human drama about a faith that remains unknown to most Americans. Gives students a feel for what it is like to live as a Jehovah's Witness."

Eileen Barker, Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Religion, London School of Economics --
"KNOCKING is a poignant portrayal of Jehovah's Witnesses who are prepared to die for a faith that forbids them to kill others. It provides a powerful corrective to our image of fundamentalists as dangerous fanatics and/or terrorists."

Christine King, Vice-Chancellor, Staffordshire University, UK --
"KNOCKING is a fascinating documentary which takes us to the heart of a group of believers  - Jehovah's Witnesses.  It challenges us to consider issues of conscience and of religious liberty."

Linda Seger, script consultant/author, Making a Good Script Great and Jesus Rode a Donkey --
"A very focused and revelatory film about the consequences of religious positions of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The filmmakers got to the heart of the matter, with compassion and insight and clarity. A fascinating look at a somewhat unknown Christian group."

Lynn Schofield Clark, Director, Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media, University of Denver  --
"Throughout the film, viewers are challenged to think about the relationship of religion, government, discrimination, family life, and civil liberties in unconventional and surprisingly human ways. This film will be useful for classes on freedom of expression, civic engagement and religion. Students will be surprised that Jehovah's Witnesses have played such a key role in establishing and guarding many of the civil liberties we enjoy in the U.S. today."